Tom Vernon showing vines to Greenbelt Land Trust board

Tom and Marilyn Vernon Easement

Site – Rural, 18 acres, eastern Boone County, located in the Missouri River hills near Huntsdale. The land consists of predominantly open grassland and woodland with a 5-acre vineyard of Norton grapes. A small shed associated with the vineyard exists on the site. The easement specifically limits development on the property to construction of one single-family house with associated outbuildings. Under the terms of the easement agricultural operations may continue on the land with the exception of large, confined-animal farming operations.

Greenbelt board members visit this agricultural easement

Open agricultural fields make up this land trust easement.

History – In 2013 Greenbelt acquired the development rights to this tract owned by Columbia residents Tom and Marilyn Vernon. The Vernons created a perpetual conservation easement on their land. Under Boone County regulations, the land could be subdivided into three tracts for single-family houses. The Vernons hope their donation will encourage other landowners in Boone County. “People who are interested in preserving the agricultural and natural beauty of Boone County for future generations, and paying less income tax, might consider giving the development rights to some of their property to Greenbelt,” said Tom Vernon.

Activity – The site now contains the Vernon’s small vineyard.