Hundred Acre Woods Nature Preserve

Site – Hundred Acre Woods Nature Preserve is roughly 102 acres near Sturgeon, MO, that includes an incredible diversity of natural habitat types.  The property features upland grassland and savanna habitat, as well as woodland and forested areas at lower elevations along Silver Fork and Kelly Branch creeks, and a small glade.  The property also features rare native plants, and a patch of daffodils cultivated by Jim Whitley.

History – Jim and Joanna Whitley, noted Boone County conservationists, owned and managed the property for many years until their passing in 2009 and 2010. Jim, a longtime employee of the Missouri Department of Conservation, carefully stewarded the property’s natural resources, improving the habitat value of the property, and growing many native plants, some of which are rare. After their passing, the property was gifted to North Central Missouri College, with the intent that it would be used as an outdoor classroom.  Unfortunately, this was impractical for the college, which is located in Trenton.  The property was purchased by an anonymous donor at auction in 2018 and donated to Greenbelt.

Activity – Due to severe topography, habitat concerns, and a need for intensive management, the property will be open to public access with permission only. Greenbelt will host guided events on the property in the coming months, but access will be limited to those events.

Our intention is to protect this property’s considerable natural resource value, while using it as an outdoor classroom for the next generation of Missouri conservationists. We look forward to fulfilling Jim and Joanna’s legacy for many years to come.

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