Big Sky Nature Preserve

Site – Big Sky Nature Preserve is roughly 15 acres near Easley, MO, that includes a spectacular limestone bluff overlooking the Missouri River, beautiful woodlands, and an oak savanna atop the bluff that represents one of the rarest natural communities in Mid-Missouri. Gerhardt and Glanz, who had owned the property since the late 1990s and conducted extensive habitat restoration work, donated it to the land trust in 2015.

img_0734History – The property was donated in 2015 by Carl Gerhardt and Dayna Glanz, who have owned and managed the site since the late 1990s.  They restored and maintained the rare oak savanna habitat and oversaw the installation of protective measures for the bat hibernaculum in Easley Mine, which lies at the base of the bluff.

Activity – Greenbelt manages this property using prescribed fire and is planning further habitat improvements on the west-facing slope surrounding the rare oak savanna. Due to the rarity and fragility of this rare habitat type, the nature preserve is not open to the public, and may only be visited with Greenbelt Land Trust’s permission.  To hear about opportunities to visit this unique and beautiful site, become a member!