Our Natural Legacy Plan

The quality of life in Boone County is linked to its history and beauty. Serene forests and subterranean caves interlaced with trails, striking bluff views across the mighty Missouri River, and farmsteads feeding our local economy and the world are all essential to the character of our county, all part of the reason our community finds itself every year on national lists of best places to live. We have an opportunity to take advantage of the nature and beauty of Boone County to build an even better, healthier, community and to plan and invest in a way that its unique character is never lost.

Recognizing this, a private – public partnership has emerged over the last year focused on utilizing our unique natural assets for the betterment of our community now and for future generations. Convened by the Greenbelt Land Trust of Mid-Missouri,  this partnership has already helped generate substantial positive results around the theme of “Our Natural Legacy” and through the vision outlined in this plan is poised to accomplish much more.

To read the Our Natural Legacy Plan, click on the cover image below.