A highly successful work day with FEMA Corps!

On Saturday, July 30, a group of volunteers from the FEMA Corps program met up with Greenbelt’s Fred Young and Mike Powell to clear invasive bush honeysuckle at Hinkson Creek Nature Preserve.  These volunteers are part of a group of 18 to 24 year olds who have committed to serve communities across America for 10 months, and they took a day out of their busy schedules to work with Greenbelt!

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And work they did (after a brief orientation by Fred).  Despite the hot and humid conditions, these hard workers cut a swath of destruction through the honeysuckle so thoroughly that, after the work day had concluded, the flowing waters of Hinkson Creek could be seen through the opened understory, all the way from the Hinkson Creek Trail!  After nearly 4 hours of work, forester Doug Wallace rounded out the day with a wildflower and tree identification walk through the forest.

Greenbelt will continue to work to clear bush honeysuckle from the Hinkson Creek Nature Preserve, but we couldn’t do it without the tireless efforts of volunteers like these.  Keep up the good work, FEMA Corps, and anytime you’d like to come back, we’ll be glad to have you.