Unseasonably Warm for This Workday!

Global warming? Or just… weather? Whatever the cause, we were happy with the result: sunny temperatures in the mid-50’s for our workday on Saturday Dec. 5th. Eight University of Missouri students came out to the Hinkson Valley Nature Preserve to pull and cut invasive honeysuckle, and learn a little about the local floodplain ecosystem. The students are headed to Arizona for a service project over winter break as part of the Mizzou Alternative Breaks program (http://breaks.missouri.edu), and wanted to get a little feel for working together prior to their trip. Based on Saturday’s performance I think they will do well; I saw an unusual level of cooperation and camaraderie amongst this group of students with diverse backgrounds, most of whom were only casually acquainted prior to this. Best of luck to them in the wilds of Cottonwood, Arizona, and thanks for the help. Without the enthusiastic support of student groups like this one, GLT has no hope of restoring the beautiful floodplain forest along Hinkson Creek to anything resembling its native state.