Another Great Workday at Hinkson Valley Nature Preserve

Saturday April 11, 2015.
The weather was sunny and cool, the earth was moist from Spring rains: perfect conditions for tearing out invasive honeysuckle by its roots from the floodplain forest of Hinkson Valley. GLT board member Fred Young led over 30 students in our ongoing honeysuckle eradication effort. The student group was part of Mizzou’s Caring For Columbia annual service event, in which hundreds of students from the University of Missouri mobilize to honor the Columbia community in a day of volunteering.

Highlights of this year’s workday:
Parents! Three moms and a dad joined us, all in town for the weekend visiting daughters in the J-School. They worked hard. Come back next year, please.
Wildflowers! Spring wildflower season was in full swing and, as a result of past honeysuckle removal workdays, the forest floor was carpeted with bluebells, Spring beauty, and others.
Tree ID! Doug Wallace led a wildflower and tree identification walk through the bottomland forest.
Piles of uprooted honeysuckle! Two hours of effort paid off with large areas of forest floor cleared of honeysuckle.
GLT cannot achieve its goal of extirpating bush honeysuckle from the Hinkson Nature Preserve without volunteers like the Mizzou students who came out on Saturday. Thank you, students, parents, and GO TIGERS!